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December 30, 2013
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Illegibilus : Dimitri  Leshchyov by Deullien Illegibilus : Dimitri  Leshchyov by Deullien
Edit: Sorry I just hate my olD ART JFC OTL;;;;

Name: Dimitri Leshchyov

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 168 lbs

Birthday: December 29th

Nationality: British (Ethnicity: English-Russian)

House: Slytherin

Year: 6th

Personality: Easily Impressionable || Prideful || Friendly || Impatient || Take Charge || 

    Dimitri can be described overall as "annoying." He is way too prideful for his own good (often resulting in a big head), which has cost him quite a few friendships. While he generally very friendly (and surprisingly kind at that), making the wrong impression on him might give you a bad image in his eyes. If this occurs, he'll try to avoid you as much as possible and will even ignore you if it came to that! It's mainly because he'd rather spend his time on things that do not exhaust him (like annoying peers for instance). 
    He does have the qualities of a leader in the making though. He'll be quick to resume the position and most likely has a course of action for those to follow. Although when people do not listen to him or do exactly as he says, he becomes quite irritable and will become even more bossy demanding everyone's attention (as he is an attention whore as well). Sometimes, you just need to tell him right then and there to shut up before he backs down. Be careful when you do this though as he'll become offended and will avoid speaking to you at all costs in defiance.
    Dimtiri is surprisingly warm and genial to those he likes though. Always treating his friends with a great abundance of warmth and love. He'll tease them about little imperfections, but he'll stop immediately if you tell him it bothers you. Sometimes his teasing goes a bit overboard and most of the time it ends up by hurting someone's feelings. 
    Even though you are close or think you're close to Dimitri, most people are truly not. He always tends to push out others and masks his true feelings as he believes it's an inconvenience to most people (not tsundere or anything like that please don't use that term--). It's not that's he's particularly sensitive about it, but he almost feels as it's a waste of time to him and to others. It's particularly hard to see that he's hiding things from you as Dimitri very much acts like the happy go lucky guy everyone knows him to be.


    Dimitri is the youngest son of a family of old honorable pureblood wizard lineage. He grew up in Manchester and has had a fairly average life (minus the estranged sister that he secretly kept in touch with). His parents both worked at the ministry full time, which left Dimitri to be taken care of by house elves during his younger years. 
    He absolutely adored the house elves that had inhabited his home. The boy found them better than his own parents most of the time! The house elves loved the little master as well, as he was much kinder to them than his parents were. It was a happy household in Dimitri's eyes. Until the day that he broke his mother's vase. Having toppled it over, the boy thought of how much trouble he was going to get in to with his mother. He couldn't fix it with magic as that was illegal, and the house elve's weren't too sure how to fix it themselves. An elderly house elf by the name of Innogen promised that he would not be in trouble as she would take the blame for him. Later that night, she did just that. The poor house elf was of course was ridiculed, belittled, and almost abused by his mother, which gave Dimitri much grief as he was unfortunate enough to witness it. The next morning Dimtiri spoke to the house elf, continuously apologizing and was almost on the brink of tears for not standing up for himself. As an apology, he gave the house elf his scarf to free her from the house hold. Although it was a sad parting for the both of them, both knew it was better that way. 
    Over the course of the next few years, he had met countless people, and even someone who he considered his best friend, but his mind always wondered to what that house elf was up to. Was she safe? Was she happy? These thought continued to pester him even when he had received his letter to Hogwarts. 
    When his letter arrived, his parents were thrilled! They hoped that their son would be in Slytherin unlike his sister before him. In Diagon Alley, Dimitri was absolutely thrilled to be able to shop for his upcoming years at Hogwarts. His eyes twinkled with amazement and wonder as he saw all sorts of wizards his age running back and forth. Dimitri was filled with wishful thinking that his next few years at Hogwarts would be as grand as this day was. 
    The hour had come where Dimtiri would try on the Sorting Hat. The Hat thought and mumbled to the boy for the longest time, complaining on how come he couldn't be easy to sort like everyone else. "Gryffindor..Slytherin...Gryffindor..Slytherin?" the Hat would say back and forth back and forth. When the Hat had finally boomed "SLYTHERIN!" in a loud clear voice, Dimtiri nearly fell out of his chair from surprise, but at least his parents would be happy (although Dimitri's feelings on how he was sorted are still a bit iffy). 
    First year at Hogwarts rolled by like a breeze. He hadn't made many new friends, but he was happy for the ones he had made. Slower and slower did Dimitri grow out of his shell. He had become a quite the person of interest as he had become a prefect, the quidditch commentator, and was also that pesky Slytherin that couldn't manage to make friends in his own house, but at least he's content..right?


Artemi Leshchyov (54) [Father] Slytherin Alumni

Severa Leshchyov (50) [Mother] Slytherin Alumni

Lilith Adams (30) [Estranged Sister]Gryffindor Alumni

Aaron Adams (33) [Estranged Brother-In-Law] Muggle

Vera Adams (12) [Estranged Niece] Squib

Eve Adams (10) [Estranged Niece] Half-Blood Wizard

Interests ( + ) & Dislikes ( - ):

+Fortune Telling
+Magical Creatures
+Snarky People

-Overly Confident People
-People who constantly try and challenge him to a battle (this isn't pokemon ok)
-Clear Skies

Elective Classes:

-Care of Magical Creatures

Extra Curricular:

-Ancient Studies


-Finite Incantatem

Wand Ingredients:

Core:Unicorn Hair

Length: 11 1/2"

Wood: Willow

Flexibility: Stiff


Name: Arthur Lewis Edgeworth Inigo Owain Brandel Laurent Gerome the III

Species: Snail

Gender: Male


A mischevious snail who likes to get its slime all over Dimitri's work, textbooks, and his won hair. He likes to wander off from time to time but he always returns before anyone notices he's missing. Arthur likes to attach himself to various places where he's not allowed to such as someone's face or wand. He likes Dimtiri very much and always faithfully nests in his hair whenever the oppurtunity presents itself.

Additional Info:
-He secretly writes to his sister. They seem to have a pretty good relationship.
-He gets nervous around cute girls and goes completely soft.
-He has 6 piercings (3 on each ear).
-Has a spade shaped birthmark on his left cheek
-His snail was a gift from a house elf. He planned to throw the snail back outside, but he didn't have the heart to.
-The elderly house elf works in the Hogwarts kitchen, but she hasn't shown herself to Dimitri yet.

Report Card(??): ( [ L I N K ]
Voice Claim: Daniel Howell
Face Claim: Landon Liboiron

Rp Method: Skype (pls tell me who you are first), Google Docs, Chats, Notes! Comments are a big no.
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